Humanity is at the crossroads now. On the one hand ignorance keep humanity oblivious of the fundamental matters of life, and, on the other hand commercial enterprises, with the help of science and technology, keep them engaged (busy) by creating more and more needs and then supplying products to fulfill them. The situation further got complicated by the commercialization of almost every important social institution, be it political or religious, on earth now. Majority of the people are lead to believe that despite minor inconveniences everything is alright and with some more money things will be better in future.

S R I found 'Ignorance' as the root cause of every problem that we face in the world at this particular period in time. Ignorance is the undeveloped and/or conditioned state of mind that make people think they are just a physical being, born to experience the present material world only. Ignorant person considers temporary things (effect) as permanent and permanent things (cause) as non-existent. Ignorance causes a sense of emptiness and separation and makes the person fearful and restless. The results are all the evils that we see in our world - endless craving for transient things (money, possessions, sensual pleasure, power, fame, etc), cheating, theft, rape, murder, war etc. Ignorance, with the help of religious superstition and science and technology, has progressed to such a level that survival of humanity on planet earth is at stake now. Ignorance and scientific knowledge are a perfect mix for disaster (examples are weapons of mass destruction, harmful chemicals in air/water/food, global warming etc.).

One of the great masters known to humanity said 'You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free'. Knowing truth of something is seeing it 'as it is' (seeing the reality of it). When you understand the truth about yourself (the spiritual, mental and physical natures and the purpose of life) you will understand other selves and also the oneness of all creation. All of us are on the evolutionary journey to the destination called self realization (this is the purpose of life) which happens in numerous stages/cycles. This journey happens unconsciously and hence very slowly till the time the being is awakened. Once awakened, we can see how our mental body is conditioned (limited view point - narrow mindedness) and how we are reacting to protect this conditioning. We will also know that until these conditionings are removed we could not make any meaningful progress in our present stage of evolutionary journey.

Have the courage to see the truth of your being. If you merely accept that which confirms your conditioning or close up when your opinions/beliefs are contradicted, you cannot become free. The more you know, the more will be your capacity to know deeper things. Everything in and around us will makes sense only to the extent of our progress made in this journey. As the person learn the fundamental truths of life and move up in the scale of life (mature), to that extent his/her ignorance go away and he/she become free and experience real peace and happiness in ascending degrees.

An individual who has awakened to his/her true nature only can live in harmony with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the being. He/she can live naturally following the messages of nature, both internal and external. Only an awakened person can see the unity of All Life and accept humanity as one brotherhood. Only such individuals manifest true love and bother about helping themselves and fellow beings by taking care of the society and environment (with practices like value based education, natural farming, naturopathy, natural and affordable architecture, renewable energy sources, reducing the need for polluting and energy intensive processes by creating innovative products and services, and everything that support sustainable development).

Understanding 'who we are' and then consciously living is the only sustainable solution personally and universally, locally and globally. S R I call this 'Natural Living' because it is about helping the individual to become conscious and naturally evolve to higher levels of consciousness. Natural living is Sustainable - it is harmonious and will bring a balance in all areas of our being - a healthy body, calm and steady mind, developed intellect and a loving heart. As each person is at a certain stage of the evolutionary journey, we cannot expect all of them to be awakened at this point of time. It, therefore, become the responsibility of the awakened individuals to take the lead and join hands with other such individuals to create awareness and support the masses to come up in life. Lesser forms of ideas may be attempted, but ultimately it will be discovered that 'Natural Living' is the only sustainable solution that can bring peace and harmony, and ensure continuity of life on planet earth.

The need of the hour is awakened individuals who could not only save humanity from present sufferings and imminent catastrophe but also guide to abundant life on planet earth and hereafter. We need awakened entrepreneurs who are motivated by sustainability of life rather than making money at any cost. We need awakened leaders at every levels of our society to change/sanitize the corrupt political, religious and economic systems that enable few wealthy and powerful individuals to become more wealthy and powerful and keep the majority of fellow human beings in poverty and suffering. Inclusive growth can happen only when people realize the unity of all life and love one another.

The Ultimate Reality of the universe is Spirit, the Creator. We are nothing but an individualized expression of this Spirit - presently experiencing life as human beings. Spiritual Laws (primarily the 'Law of Cause & Effect' or 'the Law of Karma', as far as our present stage is concerned) govern everything throughout the cosmos both visible and invisible world. It operates to restore the balance in all things, everywhere. Every Cause has an Effect; every Effect has a Cause. The choices and actions we make returns to us like the swing of a pendulum (whatsoever man sows that shall he also reap). Thoughts and actions by any of us, in any manner, will affect all of us, irrespective of whether one realizes it or not. There are no accidents, everything has a reason and purpose and happen according to this Law.

Spiritual Research Institute has made a synthesis of physical science and spiritual science and offering a 'Unified Theory of Everything' - a theory that will evolve with the development of knowledge and environment. Based on this theory we will help individuals to realize their 'True Nature' and become masters of their life so that they can live an 'abundant life' on planet earth and hereafter. The task at hand is huge and become increasingly difficult when majority of our fellow travelers are not awake. However, we cannot be mute spectators when our fellow beings are suffering and our planet being destroyed. Those few who are awake have to not only take care of their individual life but have to take the additional responsibility of helping and empowering the rest.

Our research has revealed that barring the cultural and time differences there were actually no difference in the fundamental teachings of all the Great Masters (it is another matter that majority of 'believers' do not understand what these Masters really taught). Hence there is no valid spiritual reason or need for any religious divisions. We are all ONE - manifestation of the same Spirit, the Creator, now sharing a small planet called Earth, a miniscule particle in this endless universe. Though our individual existence can be compared to that of a drop of water in the ocean, we are an integral part of this universe and have a definite role to play.

All of us are constantly learning and moving up in the Scale of Life. Learning happens on various levels; keeping this in mind, S R I present here truth from all possible angles to assist all, without advocating a specific system. We neither promote nor reject any specific religion. S R I will strive to bring out new truths that will help individuals to foster natural (holistic/harmonious) living and will lead to peace and happiness on planet earth. Some of the truths presented on this site may not make sense or acceptable to many at this point of time in evolution. But there can be no real understanding if we listen only to those things that gratify or confirm our existing beliefs and ideas. Therefore, we advise the seeker to be patient; take only what is making sense now and try to embody them which will then lead to higher truths and ultimately to the realization of our true inner nature. The key idea is to learn, grow and achieve harmony, in ascending degrees.

Together we can make the world a better place

Author : Thomas Vazhakunnathu

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